What is The Free Tour system?

This is the title given to tours that work on a donation basis (at the end you can give the guide what you felt the tour was worth). In our small company we are confident enough to let you decide the value of the tour. You can not get a fairer system and this ensures that our guides give their best service every tour.

What month do the tours start?
The Free Tour and Private Tour run all year long. The Free Night Tour runs from June to October.

Free tour 10:30 Every day
Free tour 14:00 April to October
Free Night tour 21:00 June to October

What is the difference between the Free Tour and the Free Night Tour?
The free night tour is for those who couldn’t join the day tour and also for those who prefer a tour without the day crowds. Most of the stories told during the day tour are also told during the night tour. You are of course welcome to join both tours if you would like to see the city once again
Do I need to make a reservation?
No, you only need to show up at the meeting point at the right time and meet our guide with the red umbrella.
How do I recognize the guide?
Our guides always have a red umbrella with a sign MEETING POINT and UK/USA flag and red shirt.
What time do I need to show up for the tour?
We recommend all participants arrive around 10 minutes before the tour starts. Of course you will not miss the tour by coming just on time.
What if I am late for the tour?
We start our tours 2 minutes after the tour time. If you are late you can catch us around the meeting aprox. 5 to 10 more minutes.
Is there a maximum number of people allowed on the tour?
There is not a maximum number of people. Our goal is to give a free tour to everybody who would like to enjoy the tour with us. Most of the tours the groups donť have more people than 20 in the high season and 10 in low season.
What if the weather is bad?
The tours run in all weather conditions, sun or snow. If the weather is really bad we discuss the plan with tour participants.
Is the free tour really free?
All free tours we organize are really free of charge. You just show up and enjoy the tour. If you enjoyed the tour and are satisfied with our service you can leave a tip or donation at the end of the tour. Your donations are the best way to support our project and make it improve in the future. All our guides are requited only by your tips.
Why is a Wiseman’s tour different from a conventional tours?
The main difference is the fact that our guides do not get paid for their job. Their only reward is your tip. That is also the reason for other differences: most interesting, most entertaining, most professional, with high motivation and of course fun 😉
How long does the tour last?
The free tour of Cesky Krumlov takes around 2 hours. The night free tour takes about 1,5 hours.
Do you stop for any breaks?
The duration of the tour is around 2 hours so we don’t stop for any break. We can make a quick toilette break if anyone needs to. We do not stop for food or drinks. Feel free to choose where you would like to go after the tour. Our guides are open to your questions and are ready to give you great recommendations.
What language are the tours given in?
All the tours are in English.
Is there a lot of walking involved?
No. The free tour is a light, pleasant walk through the city.
Is the tour suitable for children?
Children are welcome as long as they can keep with the others.
What if I am the only visitor?
You are a lucky person. You get to enjoy your own private free tour.
Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Yes, it contains only one stairs, and it’s possible to go around them.
Can I join the tour with pets?
Yes, you can unless you have got a tiger or lion.
Is it possible to book a guide for a private walk?
Yes, it is possible. You can customize the time of the tour. For more information see Private Tour.
Who is Wiseman?
A wiseman is a Wise and trusted guide and advisor.