3 budget ways to travel from Prague to Český Krumlov

A trip from Prague to beautiful UNESCO Český Krumlov takes roughly 3 hours and there are several budget-friendly options on how to travel there. If you wake up early enough, Český Krumlov can be just a day trip from Prague. I´d like to share with you 3 way how to get to Český Krumlov as cheap as possible.

  1. Bus (from 3 to 14 EURO) – definitely the cheapest option. Buses go to Český Krumlov every hour. There are basically three companies going from Prague to Český Krumlov on a regular basis and it´s necessary to book your bus tickets online in advance. Flix Bus can be sometimes the cheapest option (3 EURO), especially if you decide to departure Prague late in the afternoon and arrive at Český Krumlov in the evening. Regiojet is a little bit more expensive (8 EURO) but offers built-in LCD screens for watching movies, wi-fi on board or a hot drink for free. The last one is Leoexpress offering a little bit more luxury for a little bit more money (from 8 to 14 EURO).


  2. Train (8 EURO) – trains in the Czech Republic are not the fastest but they are reliable and you can see beautiful nature while going from Prague to Český Krumlov. There is just one problem you face while traveling by train – there is no straight connection to Český Krumlov. The transfer is in České Budějovice either to another train or to a bus. It´s not a big deal – the bus station is just across the street from the train station on top of „Mercury” shopping mall.

    Czech railways


  3. Shuttle (from 32 EURO) – in case you are looking for a door to door service, shuttles are the best option for you. There are companies like CK Shuttle or Shuttlebus Český Krumlov that offer excellent services.

    CK Shuttle

There is one secret tip for you: Use idos.cz or busbud.com to learn more about public buses and train connections.

The trip from Prague to Český Krumlov is quite short and I recommend either going by bus, train or shuttle. All of those options are budget-friendly and you´ll be satisfied.

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