5 best sports in Český Krumlov

Are you an athlete and would you like to pursue your passion on vacation? Then we have 5 tips for the best sports activities you can do in Český Krumlov. All are unusual and all are really cheap:)

Are you an athlete and would you like to pursue your passion on vacation? Then we have tips for the best sports activities you can experience in Český Krumlov. Be careful, we will omit the traditional sports, such as rafting and cycling, and focus on more interesting things. In addition, we will talk about sports activities, for which you will spend rather symbolic amounts, but you will have a lot of fun.

Paddleboarding on Krumlov weirs

Price: from 350 CZK including transport
Time: 45 minutes – 6 hours
Difficulty: beginners to intermediate
Contact: www.2Wsports.cz, 777 754 768

Paddleboarding is not only a great water activity but also a great way to engage all muscle groups. This modern sport is easy to learn, although if you want to ride the Vltava River, we recommend the previous experience with paddleboarding or carrying weirs.
You can rent a paddleboard right next to the city park in the 2W rental shop. This Czech manufacturer of paddleboards has opened its rental shop right next to the river.
You can rent a paddleboard here for a pleasant CZK 350. Then you have the opportunity to choose from several trips. You can start a trip upstream in the Branná campsite, or Rožmberk nad Vltavou, from where you can paddle through the picturesque landscape in about 4-6 hours and drive back to Český Krumlov. Or you can go straight on a paddleboard from Krumlov and drive to Zlatá Koruna in 4 hours.
Paddleboarding is a great sport for everyone who loves water, but rafts and canoes have bored them.

On kick bikes from the Kleť mountain

Price: 230 CZK per scooter + transport (180 CZK)
Time: at least 1 hour
Difficulty: medium
Contact: www.kolobezky-krumlov.cz/, 602 493 522

Do you like speed and adrenaline in the forest? Then try the kick bike from Kleť! This sports activity is not demanding at all, because they will take you up the hill by van and it’s up to you to go back to Český Krumlov, which is about 11 km. The whole event lasts at least 1 hour.
Kickbikes can be rented at KEMPU Krumlov. Scooter rental costs CZK 230 and transport to Kleť another CZK 180 per person.
You can stay at Kleť for some time and see the oldest lookout tower in the Czech Republic. Or go to a great restaurant, where you can taste the local beer Kleťák (beer in moderation, a descent with more than 500 m elevation gain awaits you!), taste their legendary soups, or have a traditional Czech meal.

Play an unusual sports game under the castle

Price: 30 CZK per person (+ 300 CZK refundable deposit)
Time: 30 minutes per game (multiple games can be played)
Difficulty: beginners
Contact: http://www.depokrumlov.cz/cs, 380 602 442

You want to enjoy a great board game in the park below Krumlov Castle. Whether you are two or a whole bunch of you, you have to try this undemanding but addictive game. It’s called disc golf and it’s a combination of frisbee (flying saucer) and golf. It sounds crazy, but it’s a great game. For those who don’t know it: each player has a flying disc and the goal of nine baskets is to have the lowest possible number of throws. Nine baskets are spread over a half-kilometer route and one (two players) usually lasts 30 minutes. But nothing prevents you from playing more games.
Disc golf can be rented at the Depo Restaurant. Prices are 30 CZK per person and 300 CZK is a refundable deposit for the flying saucer.
Disc golf is a way to spend a great afternoon with undemanding physical activity and an excuse to drink great Pilsen the moment you return the discs in the Depo restaurant.

Volleyball, football, and swimming on the beach

Price: free
Time: open from 8:00 to 20:00

Český Krumlov has created a great recreational location in a pond on the Upper Gate. Here you will find a pub, a children’s playground, a trampoline, quality swimming, a beach, a beach volleyball court, a football pitch, and a ping-pong table, and an outdoor exercise field.
All these activities are free. This place is ideal especially for those where they are in Český Krumlov with family or friends.

Gym for those who can’t live without strength training

Price: from 200 CZK
Time: open from 8:00 to 20:00
Contact: www.squash-fitness.cz/, 736 609 842

You can do some heavy lifting, indoor running or playing squash right in the Squash & Fitness Czech Krumlov gym.


It would be a shame to stay in Český Krumlov for only one day. Athletes will find many activities here that will entertain them. We have selected the most interesting ones. But if you like rafting or cycling, you can also choose Krumlov. However, due to the number of paddlers, we recommend a holiday on the water in May, June, or September. And due to the hilly terrain around the city, we recommend an e-bike.
Enjoy your holiday and wish you a lot of fun. Your Wiseman Free Tour.