Disc golf – a sport at the Český Krumlov Castle for everyone!

Český Krumlov is not only about history. You can play disc golf here. It’s a fun mixture between golf and frisbee. Play it with your friends under the castle for 1 EURO and have a great time.

A game you and your friends will love!

If you have 2 free hours in Český Krumlov, you should try disc golf. It is a game similar to frisbee and golf, which you can play at Český Krumlov Castle in a beautiful park virtually for a few bucks. And it’s a great game! You can stretch your legs perfectly, throw discs and play against each other. It’s fun!

There are 9 disc golf baskets in Český Krumlov

Disc golf rules

For those who don’t this game: each player has a flying disc and throws at nine baskets. The goal is to have the lowest possible number of throws. Nine baskets are spread over a half-kilometer route and one game usually takes 30 minutes for two players. You can play as many games as you want.

Disk golf saucers

Where to rent disc golf in Český Krumlov

The game of disc golf can be rented in the Depo restaurant by the bar from 11 AM until sunset. Prices are 30 CZK (1,5 EURO) per person and 300 CZK (12 EURO) is a refundable deposit for the flying saucer.

A disc golf course can be found directly below Český Krumlov Castle. While playing, you will enjoy the beautiful setting of the park with the Renaissance castle on the hill.

Beautiful surrounings of the disc golf course

After returning the game equipment, we recommend a reward – a great tank Pilsen in the restaurant Depo.

Pilsner beer in Depo restaurant. The best reward after disc golf game.

Disc golf Český Krumlov – basic information

Price: 30 CZK per person (+ 300 CZK refundable deposit per disc)

Time: 30 minutes to play in two people (it is possible to play more games)

Disc rental: from 11 am to 9 pm

Contact: Disc Golf rental at Depo Restaurant, Latrán 74, Latrán, 381 01, Český Krumlov, http://www.depokrumlov.cz/en, 380 602 442