Český Krumlov 20th Century Tour

Explore the rich and fantastic history of Český Krumlov on this unique Free Walking Tour we prepared for you.

This tour takes a modern look at Český Krumlov and the Czech Republic. We´ll tell you about its role and impact during World War 2, life under communism, and its story till the present day!

The 20th century in Český Krumlov was fascinating!

Český Krumlov is a unique town. Its untouched historical renaissance center attracts millions of tourists every year to experience the beauty and mystery of the 16th century. It feels like there is nothing else to talk about in the town but this period. But the 20th century is as fascinating as the old times in Český Krumlov. We will tell you everything about the Renaissance at our Wiseman Free Tour at 10:30 am and at 2 pm.

But to get the full picture of the history of this town, you should see the Český Krumlov 20th Century Tour and hear about one of the most exciting periods of local history.

Nazis, US Army, Jews, and Soviet tanks…

US jeep arriving in Český Krumlov through Budějovická gate

Our town witnessed events like the arrival of Adolf Hitler, with all the locals applauding him. It experienced Nazi occupation and locals either collaborating with them or refusing to do so. Eventually, Český Krumlov was liberated by the US army at the end of WW2, and Czechoslovakia experienced a brief period of freedom until the communists took over and ruled for over 40 years. These periods are well documented with historical photographs that we´ll show you during the tour.

Leave busy town center to discover a Jewish Synagogue

We´ll take you out of the crowded historical center of Český Krumlov to places you wouldn´t otherwise visit. We´ll show you the local synagogue and tell you about the short but intense history of local Jews. You´ll learn about their enormous success caused by their hard work and intelligence which eventually brought some of them riches and a high social rank. It´s a fascinating story you shouldn´t miss out.

Soviet tanks in the renaissance town

During this tour, we also talk about the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. It was the biggest military operation in Europe after the end of WW2. It ended a short process of liberalization in communist Czechoslovakia known as “the Prague Spring.” Thousands of tanks flooded our country and Český Krumlov likewise. We´ll show you pictures of those tanks patrolling in the streets of this beautiful renaissance town.

Book the Český Krumlov 20th Century Tour! You´ll hear surprising stories and facts you wouldn´t expect to hear in the Renaissance UNESCO town of Český Krumlov. But we guarantee you – you´ll like it:)


  • Understand the history of the Czech Republic and Český Krumlov on this 20th Century Tour.
  • We´ll tell you all about the arrival of Adolf Hilter to Český Krumlov just one year before WW2 started.
  • We´ll show you photographs of tanks patrolling in the streets of Český Krumlov during the Soviet invasion in 1968.
  • Listen to the history of the Jewish population.
  • Learn why the town survived WW2 and communism, unlike many other places in Europe and much more.
  • All of this is supported with excellent black and white photographs!