Pubs in Český Krumlov where only locals dare to go

If you want to experience Český Krumlov from perspective of locals, you should visit these pubs and restaurants. These are blue-collar pubs or bars where Czechs go after they finish their day at work and where they go with friends to have couple of beers. Some of these places are rough and shabby where you can find lost souls and drunkards, some of them are just places off the beaten track but all of them are full locals willing to show you that Czechs are the best beer drinkers in the world 🙂

Pub U Dušků

1. Hospoda U Dušků – the most famous blue-collar pub in town. Opening hours from 8 am till 8 pm. As a teenager I´d drink there with my classmates, play chess and talk about philosophy, it´s a place where you can get local beer for 30 CZK and maybe also some beer snacks. This is my favorite place to go when I feel that my life is way too normal and when I want to experience something strange from a completely different universe.

2. Klub Šnek – in pubs it´s forbidden to smoke in pubs and restaurants. In order to get around this restriction some owners open „clubs.“ This one is still in the historic center of Český Krumlov – it´s a worn-out place that opens usually after 7 pm. Very often there are one or two guys in the club playing Czech country songs on guitar and the rest of the dwellers are singing along and drinking hard.

3. Pub club, also called „By the pissed-over linden tree.“ – this club is about 10 minutes away from the center of Český Krumlov near to a communist housing project from the 1970s and 1980s. It´s a place where only locals go to talk about sport and to complain about politics. Opens in the afternoon and serves not only beer but also beer snacks.

4. Barell bar – There are not many inhabitants of the town living in the very center but those few go very often to this bar. It´s a nice place with a pool and darts and probably the only one around where you can occasionally get Guinness on tap. They open late and close even later.

5. Museum Czech Underground club – it´s rather a drinker´s den than a pub. But it has a great atmosphere and the bartender Pingy is actually sort of legend in Český Krumlov – while young he won several orienteering races, after 1989 he founded the first private radio station in the town, opened several restaurants, built recording studio for his sons and went bankrupt so many times that he doesn´t even remember the number. The place is truly shabby but people here are really friendly (and quite drunk as well). If you want to experience an „underground“ culture it´s a place for you.

In Český Krumlov there are several places where only locals go and those places are definitely worth visiting for those who want to learn more about everyday life and beer culture in the Czech Republic. All of those pubs and clubs are out of the center of Český Krumlov so you´ll discover surroundings typical for a small Czech town like Český Krumlov and you´ll realize that the town has also an ordinary and unspectacular face.